Incomaster Incontinence Waste Disposal System


Fast, efficient and safe disposal of incontinence briefs, pads, disposable underpads and maceratable wipes.

The Incomaster macerator is a cost saving alternative to yellow bag collections, disintegrating pads and nappies to a fine slurry with auto start technology. It is low maintenance and easy to install, with the load disposed in under 2 minutes. The Incomaster is the only macerator that can deal with all types of pads.

Converts polyethylene, non woven products and waste into fine slurry allowing for standard disposal through the drainage system. No waste collection; Minimizes opportunities for cross contamination.

Delivering real and measurable benefits to both you and those in your care, our highly efficient and user friendly Incomaster™ delivers outstanding performance for the simple and hygienic disposal of disposable incontinence products.

Designed for simplicity, it is easy to install, low maintenance and fast. The Incomaster™ can process four small pads or two large briefs in less than two minutes.

The Incomaster™ delivers real and measurable benefits to both you and those in your care:

  • Hygienic – greater infection control
  • Low cost – no waste collection required
  • Easy to use – put incontinence products in, close lid, start
  • Quiet operation
  • Low maintenance if the instructions are followed
  • Fast and effcient cycle times – up to 4 pads in 2 minutes
  • Converts disposable products into fine slurry allowing for standard flush through drainage
  • Requires only a cold water source, electricity and drainage
  • Bugban® – Active antimicrobial built into the plastic, wipe clean exterior
  • Water curtain cleans hopper and impeller
  • Easy installation and full service back up
  • Low maintenance with smart technology.