Three good reasons why macerators are your key to quality care

1. They can significantly reduce your infection rates

Healthcare staff have a primary duty to avoid or minimise the risk of transmitting infection. Macerators help you do this because:

  • Every patient has a new bedpan or bottle
  • Staff can instantly put the waste in the macerator
  • The macerator discharges the waste straight into the drain.

2. They cut your costs

Macerators have lower running costs than other methods of waste disposal. They save you money because:

  • They only use cold water
  • They run for less than two minutes
  • You spend less on waste collection.

3. They give your staff more time to care

Macerators give your staff more time to care because with no washing, waiting or bagging, it’s quick and easy for them to dispose of waste.

How macerators work

Macerators work much like a conventional toilet except their blades also chop waste into tiny pieces, creating a fine watery mixture. The macerator then flushes this mixture into the drain.

Why Haigh macerators?

Our macerators are generally smaller and quieter than our competitors’, using less energy and less water.  And we continually invest in research and development to improve how they perform.  There are also two distinct areas where we stand out.

Haigh macerators are the most reliable

Our machines rarely break down (and if they do it’s usually because someone has tried to macerate something they shouldn’t. Like a Christmas decoration or some cutlery!).

This means you can be sure of continuity of care. Your staff won’t be wasting their time finding another way to dispose of the waste. And they won’t be calling for a service engineer – again.

They can simply get on with the job they wanted to do in the first place. Caring.

Haigh macerators are the best value for money

Our machines also last longer than others. Often many years longer.  Which means your investment in safety and quality of care goes much, much further.

Could you save this much?

A 28-bed care home was spending between £400 and £500 every month on waste collection.

When they switched to one of our Incomaster macerators this bill was instantly cut to just £80 per month.

So, as well as enjoying all the benefits of increased infection control, easy waste disposal and a more pleasant environment, the care home recouped the cost of their Incomaster in just 10 months!

We’re with you for the long-term

We’d like you to think of us as part of your team.

So we’re happy to help you choose the best macerators for your needs. When you’ve made your choice, we can install the machines for you and help keep them running smoothly.

We offer:

  • Site surveys
  • Installation
  • Training
  • Service contracts
  • Service and support
  • Pulp product and pad advice.

We’re also happy to talk to you about flexible leasing.

There’s more information on how we can help on our Service/Support page.

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